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The following are our major ministries to the Body of Christ, although we are not necessarily limited to these services. For specific requests, please contact us.



Prayer for physical healing, spiritual battles or other situations is a part of our ministry. You can send your prayer requests to our ministry through conventional or e-mail; please refer to our Contact Us page.


Carolyn's services are available as a Christian Counselor. She can be contacted via e-mail or conventional mail.  


James' services as a piper are available for church services, tent meetings, calls to services as well as traditional Biblical weddings and funerals. Contact us for more information (see PIPING page). 



Of course, preaching is available. But be advised, we do not deal in political correctness, nor in making people feel comfortable in sin. Neither do we believe in thumping people over the head with Scripture when they sincerely desire freedom from their sins. We simply want people to know the Lord, Who has done so much for us and to accept His Salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus, which is the greatest offering of love ever made. We present the Gospel - nothing more, nothing less.

Highland Rise


A project we are developing for meetings, conferences and counseling. Click on the link above for details.

Community service


We've been there, especially during times of disaster or difficulty. We have no organized branch to go out and perform specific services; we simply do what we can where needed. 

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